Viper Fangs

Although each shot does not do much damage on impact, the poison effect it places on enemies also adds a small amount of damage. Relative to other spellbook weapons it has a high rate of fire, and is useful when engaging larger, hard to kill enemies due to its lingering poison. However, its poison does not affect obelisks, making it an incredibly inefficient weapon to use when dealing with them.

Like all weapons that fire in a straight lateral arc, the effective accurate range of viper fangs varies due to the linear nature of individual projectile movement as the arc expands. Shots can be fired from incredible distances and still have a good chance of hitting enemies despite the spread. Note that unlike other spread shot weapons, the viper fang attack (both primary and secondary) will arc upwards. Aim lower to hit farther away enemies.

The main problems with the weapon are its low damage, the medium high mana cost, and the high spread. The poison takes long time to do a lot of damage, and you will often take damage waiting for it. It's best to just use it like a shotgun, and pour as many shots into enemies as you can.

Base Stats Edit

Regular Attack

  • Mana Cost:
  • Damage per shot: Very low (x4 shots, arc)
  • Rate of fire: Medium
  • Effective Accurate range: Medium

Alternate attack

  • Mana Cost:
  • Damage per shot: Very low (x9 shots, arc)
  • Rate of fire: Low
  • Effective Accurate range: Medium

Gallery Edit


Viper Fangs


Viper Fangs firing (alternate)


Viper Fangs firing (regular)