Undead Scepter
Fires small white orbs that will spread out from left to right in front of the player.

Primary Fire: Fires 5 shots, Very high rate of fire. Uses 1 mana. High spread and each shot does a low amount of damage.

Secondary Fire: Fires about 10-12 shots. About half the rate of fire. Uses 4 mana. Very, very high spread, better off using the normal fire.

Tips Edit

  • Very useful weapon against large groups of enemies around you. Not very strong but if each shot hits an enemy the damage can add up.
  • Stunning causes enemies to move slower, but they can very well still attack. Keep this in mind when encountering enemies up close.
  • This weapon is a poor choice at long range, and for stronger enemies you will have to get dangerously close to hurt them badly. However, it is still a very powerful weapon, just make sure you know when to get close and when to back away.
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