Soul Wand
The soul wand is the default backup weapon for every character and is given to the player at the start. Every character's wand is unique and can have different stats and abilities. Unlike other weapons that require use limited amounts of mana or alchemy, wands have thier own unique ammo that regenerates over time.

The Soul Wand fires purple orbs that will damage the enemy that it hits (with the exception of Loki's green orbs and Carina's blue orbs). While weak, it can be quite useful.

Primary Fire: Fires small purple orbs. Shots have a slight accuracy problem and tend to wander abit at longer ranges.

Secondary Fire: Generally fires more purple orbs per shot at a slower rate. Some characters such as Algorab and Loki have different effects such as rapid fire and poison damage. This costs more mana.

Tips Edit

  • Always try to use the Soul Wand if you need to break objects like books, barrels or secret walls.
  • The Soul Wand will always be there when you need it, and will recharge when it is not being fired.