Sir Arthur-0

Overview Edit

Arthur is the only flying boss you can encounter on floor one in the normal mode. He is very predictable as he only has two moves, but his spawns in mass may cause some trouble.

Room IdentificationEdit

Sir Arthur's room has 8 smallish destructible pillars with various candles in-between. It can be discerned from Gunkarr's room, by two sections of concentric columns, the outer is none destructible and forms archways.

Attack Pattern Edit

As previously mentioned Arthur has only two attacks. The first is to summon a group of lost souls, and second fires a consecutive volley of flaming skulls similar to the Skull of Xanatos. These skulls are explosive deal significant damage per sond.

Strategy Edit

As long as you are medium range from Arthur his entire barrage attack can be dodged by sprinting in a line. Stop to shoot, run to dodge basically. His pawns are straight forward to avoid, and should only be bothered with if you need mana or are cornered. Try not to rely on the columns to take hits for you, as his aoe sometimes can go throw them or flat out destroy them.

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