Scarab Beetle Staff
This staff allows the player to fire small red shards that will bounce off the walls a few times. Potentially very powerful in small rooms and less powerful in large rooms.

Primay Fire: Fires 2 red shards quickly. Moderate mana usage, medium damage, fast projectile speed, low accuracy.

Secondary: Fires 4 red shards at a slower rate. Moderate-high mana usage, medium damage, fast projectile speed, very low accuracy.

Tips: Use when weak enemies are surrounding you in small rooms. It has a high rate of fire and good damage for a staff, though the accuracy is bad, forcing you to get closer than with some other staves. Makes short work of most enemies, especially the secondary fire, but it drains mana quickly. The ricochet effect is also not that helpful, but the staff is still worth keeping around if you find it early on.