Saiph the Librarian
"Great spell knowledge. He doesn't learn from experience as fast as others"
Gender Male
Unlock Deal 25,000 total damage with Spell Books
Equipment Saiph's Wand

A random, previously unlocked Spell Book

Health-icon 60 (+5)
Wand Mana-icon 50 (+2)
Spell Mana-iconStaff Mana-iconAlchemy Mana-icon 150 / 75 / 75 (+5)


The strength of librarian is the bookworm. Because he can choose from 3 upgrades when level up right from the start, he has better chance at getting better upgrade. If lucky, get Thick Skin to buff the defense. With that, he can sacrifice his health for consumption effectively give him virtually another level up without fear of death.

This become even more apparent when you rack up your Armory with junks. Bookworm helps you level up with better chance at getting an useful upgrade.