Rigel the Acrobat
"Excellent mobility and decent staff skills. The rest of his attacks have a slower rate of fire"
Gender Male
Unlock Deal 15000 total damage with Staves
Equipment Rigel's Wand

A random, previously unlocked Staff

Health-icon 100 (+5)
Wand Mana-icon 30 (+2)
Spell Mana-iconStaff Mana-iconAlchemy Mana-icon 50 / 100 / 50 (+5)


Rigel's improved speed combined with his powerful staff skills makes him an excellent character in the hands of a skilled player. He is fast enough to dodge enemy attacks while dealing impressive damage.

Don't rely on his wand too much as he has a smaller pool than normal. His staff output is offset by making all his other weapons weaker. Obtaining Staff Affinity as soon as possible is a huge buff for this character.

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