Enemies close to you are poisoned.


  • Best Offensive Perk in the game!
  • Poison damage over time is surprisingly devastating, although it takes a while for it to unfold its full potential.
  • The actual range of the aura is very small, requiring the player to almost get into melee range to poison an enemy. Fragile characters will have a hard time utilizing this perk without putting themselves into great danger.
  • This perk (like poisoning weapons in general) is most effective in rooms with many weak enemies. A viable strategy with a high health character is to rush through such room while trying to dodge enemy projectiles, going right through clustered enemy "piles". The poison kills weak enemies (like Carrots and Lost Souls) quite reliably, and the player can collect loot as he/she continues running around to finish off or poison missed foes.
  • Synergises extremely well with Torture.