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Perks are the main way to improve the player's powers in the middle of a mission, and range from a simple boost to mana capacity to a chance of burning enemies hurting you. A choice of 3 perks (4 with Bookworm perk) will be presented, and the player must choose one or re-roll for new choices using coins.

In the two tables below, Perks are categorized under the following types:

  • Offensive perks help you kill monsters faster.
  • Defensive perks reduce the damage you take.
  • Healing perks are self-explanatory.
  • Movement perks make you more nimble.
  • Mana perks restore your Mana, increase its reserves, or make you spend less of it.
  • Growth perks help you level up faster, grant you new Perks, or increase maximum stats.
  • Utility perks provide assorted useful effects.

List of Hero-Specific Perks[]

Name Hero Description Type
Climax Argo Experience from crystals decreased by 10%. Damage increased by 12% Offensive
Determination After using Syphon, +50% Fire Rate for 4 seconds

Scaling: +2 seconds per level

Fast Learner Experience crystals are 25% stronger when Syphoned

Scaling: +15% per level

Feedback Mana crystals and Health potions are 20% stronger when Syphoned Healing
Resolution After defeating an enemy, Syphon cooldown is reduced by 1 second Utility
Willpower Damage to Barrier is reduced by 15% Defensive
Always Prepared Carina +25% Fire Rate during the first 20 seconds of the fight Offensive
Overwhelm After using Shove, if 5 or more enemies were pushed, +25% Damage for 8 seconds Offensive
Penance Cursed enemies drop +20% Rewards Utility
Purity Defeating a Cursed enemy gives +40% Experience for 8 seconds Growth
Ricochet After using Shove, +20% Speed for 8 seconds Movement
Unmatched Talent When using Shove, get 2 Mana for every enemy pushed Mana
Authority Jacob Minions move 5% slower Utility
Backstab Champion enemies have -10% health Offensive
Cunning +5% incoming damage. +25% to Experience from crystals

Scaling: +6% incoming damage, +20% to Experience per level

Envoy A Shrine will be always spawned in the dungeon.

When praying, you earn 25% progress of your current Experience and recover 25% Health and Mana

Greater Sacrifice While Sacrifice is active, you receive +25% damage, and deal +25% Damage Offensive
Pure Evil -10% Health from potions. Deal +12% DamageScaling: -10%, +12% per level Offensive
Confidence Glyndor Length of negative status effects decreased by 12% Defensive
Destruction When Shell finishes, +20% Fire Rate for 5 seconds Offensive
Old School -5% Fire Rate. +12% Damage Offensive
Punishment While Shell is active, deal +30% Damage Offensive
Scars If Health is below 50%, +20% Fire RateScaling: +20% Fire Rate per level Offensive
The Voice of Experience -10% Experience from crystals. Shell cooldown reduced by 10% Utility
Last Breath Kira If Mana of the current weapon is below 25%, +20% to Damage Offensive
Pillaging Recover 5% Health when picking up a Coin Healing
Plunder While Shroud is active, enemies drop +40% more Rewards Utility
Poison Master +50% Poison damage dealt while Shroud is active Offensive
Smoke Bomb Deal 120 Damage to nearby enemies when activating Shroud

Scaling: +60 damage per level

Surprise Attack When Shroud ends, +50% Damage for 5 seconds Offensive
Disappointment Eris When a summoned Skeleton is defeated, +25% Damage for 5 seconds Offensive
Distraction After using Raise Undead, +20% Speed for 6 seconds Movement
Impunity Armor: -20% damage received for 4 seconds after picking up 5 Rewards Defensive
Instability Skeletons explode when defeated, dealing 100 Damage to nearby enemies Offensive
Mob Skeletons deal +6% Damage for every other skeleton summoned and still standing. Offensive
Reassembly If a Skeleton is defeated, -1 second to Raise Undead cooldown Utility
Adrenaline Rigel When receiving damage, decrease Vault cooldown time by 2 seconds Utility
Agility -10% Experience from crystals. 8% chances of ignoring a wound Defensive
Polish +5% Mana usage. +10% Staff Damage Offensive
Refocus Defeating an enemy with a Spell or Alchemy weapon grants +25% Staff Damage for 6 seconds Offensive
Spectacle Enemies defeated during a Leap drop +100% Rewards Utility
Staff Specialist +10% Staff Fire Rate. -5% Fire Rate for the other main weapon categories Offensive
Conconction Margaret If you throw a Flask at yourself, you get Armor: -50% against incoming damage for 8 seconds Defensive
Experimentation When defeating an enemy with an Alchemy weapon, you get unlimited Mana for Spell and Staff for 8 seconds Offensive
Prudence Get 5 Shield. Decrease movement Speed by 6% Defensive
Refined mixture Flasks deal +35% Damage Offensive
Thorough +20% Damage. +10% Mana usage of Alchemy weapons Offensive
Versatile When defeating an enemy with non-Alchemy weapons, decrease Flask cooldown by 2 seconds Utility
Devotion Nadja Reduce Shield Bash cooldown by 5% Utility
Fervor When hit, your Fire Rate increases by +20% for 6 seconds Offensive
Righteousness Armor: -10% Basic damage received Defensive
Stoic Armor: -10% damage received for 5 seconds after performing Shield Bash

Scaling: -8% damage per level

Unshakable Faith When picking up a Health potion, you also recover 2 Shield points Defensive
Unswerving Will Damage to Shield is reduced by 5% Defensive
Attuned Sirius When defeating an enemy with a Spell, Blaze cooldown decreases by 0.5 second Utility
Bulk While using Blaze:
  • +8% Damage
  • Armor -15% damage received
  • -10% Speed
Burnout After using Blaze, +50% Elemental Fire Rate for 8 seconds Offensive
  • -4% Speed
  • +6% Spell Damage
  • +6% Fire Damage
Kickstart At the start of a combat, +15% Fire Rate for 15 seconds Offensive
Mock -10% Minion damage. +5% Minion speed Defensive

List of General Perks[]

Name Description Type
Agile When performing a Dash, you become invulnerable for 1 second Movement
Alchemy Affinity Increases Damage dealt by Alchemy weapons by 15%. Decreases damage for other weapon categories by 5% Offensive
Alchemy Pouch Alchemy Mana Pool increased by 20

Scaling: +20 per level

Alternative Mana usage for secondary fire lowered by 20% Mana
Amnesia Decrease your Mana Pools by 10% and get 2 more Perks Growth
Appraiser You earn some Mana when picking up Coins Mana
Arcane Absorption Consume your current weapons to get 2 Levels up for every weapon consumed Growth
Arcane Summoning Get a new Amulet. If you already had one, it will be consumed, and you'll get an additional Perk Utility
Avarice Increased Rewards pick radius by 400%, but lower drop rate by 10% Utility
Banker When picking up a Coin, there's a 25% chance it counts double Utility
Barter Shop Prices are halved. All dungeon floors will have a shop Utility
Bastion Increases Fire Rate while stationary by 20% Offensive
Berserker Increase Damage dealt by 30% when you're below 35% HealthScaling: +30% per level Offensive
Black Market Lose a random weapon (if you have any). Get +12 points of Shield in exchange Defensive
Black Orb Lose half of your current Health to get +10% Damage and Fire Rate Offensive
Blood Money Every Coin picked up counts double. Your maximum Health decreases by 30% Utility
Blood Rites Lose half your current Health to increase your maximum Health by half that amount Growth
Bloodlust You recover some Health when picking up Experience crystals

Note: Healing depends on how much XP the crystal gives.

Bookworm One additional Perk choice upon leveling up, and a 5% boost to Experience Growth
Brute Enemies drop 12% more Rewards when defeated. Reduced Experience gain by 5% Utility
Bunny Hopper Your Speed increases by 25% and your Mana usage decreases by 25% while you’re airborne Movement


Burning Wrath Enemies that damage you have a 25% chance to be set on Fire Offensive
Challenger Recover 25% Health and Mana when starting a Guardian fight HealingMana
Chanelling Amulets have a 40% chance to not consume a charge. Amulet cooldown reduced by 25%. Utility
Clarity of Mind +200% Mana and Health recovered on level up Healing


Cleansing Upon leveling up, all enemies become Cursed. You get 3 Barrier for every cursed enemy. Defensive
Conduit Every Mana crystal you pick up will grant 0.5 Barrier Defensive
Consumption Lose 15% of your maximum Health to get 3 Perks Growth
Conversion If you don't have enough Mana for your current weapon, you'll take it from the other categories Mana
Coup de grace Recover 5 Mana of every Pool when defeating an enemy with your Wand Mana
Curiosity Earn a fixed 10% Experience of your current level progress when starting a combat Growth
Curse Decrease your maximum Health by 10%. Potions are 30% more effective.

Armor: Incoming Cursed damage reduced by 20%

Dark Forge Get a random weapon. That weapon's category deals +20% Damage. Other categories deal -10% Damage Offensive
Dark Pact Lose 10% of your maximum Health to get 4 Perks Growth
Deal with the Reaper Only once, when you're about to die, you'll recover 20% of your Health and become invulnerable for 4 seconds Healing
Dismantle The next 5 chests you open give you 2 Shield each Defensive
Druid Potions give you +10% Health Healing
Dynamo If Mana of the current weapon is over 70%, +10% to Speed Movement
Elemental Link Decrease Mana usage of elemental attacks by 7% Mana
Elemental Master
  • 50% higher chances of attacks triggering elemental effects
  • Elemental Damage increased by 10%
  • Basic Damage reduced by 5%
Energized Convert 10% of your maximum Health to Shield Defensive
Enraged Increases Damage dealt by 7%

Scaling: +5% per level

Equalizer Mana crystals are equally split between all categories. +5% Mana from crystals Mana
Erudite Knowledge gems give +50% Experience. Damage dealt reduced by 20% Growth
Evil Eye Enemies that hit you with ranged attacks have a 20% chance of getting Cursed Defensive
Fire and Ice Reduces Fire and Ice Mana usage by 20% Mana
Foundry Increase one level for a random weapon and your Wand, enhancing the Damage they deal. Offensive
Freezing Touch Enemies hurting you with melee attacks have a 25% chance of becoming Frozen Defensive
Fury After being hit, you deal 50% more Damage for 2 seconds

Scaling: +1 second per level

Golden Weapon A weapon chosen at random will deal 8% more Damage and have 8% faster Fire Rate Offensive
Good Omens Recover 50% Health, all your Mana, and get +50% Damage for the next combat when picking up the Guardian’s Seal Utility
Guardian Angel Fire a homing projectile when hit Offensive
Haste Increase your Movement speed by 5%

Scaling: +5% per level

Healer Health potions give you 25% on pick up, and 100% over 20 seconds Healing
Heavy Armor Armor: -18% incoming damage, but Speed decreased by 8% Defensive
Heavy Pockets Increase Enemy Drop rate by 10%. Increased Dash recovery time by 10% Utility
Heretic Earn a new Staff. If you already have one, it will be consumed, and the new weapon will deal +10% Damage Utility
Hero +25% chance of spawning Champions. Champions drop +40% Rewards Utility
High Stakes Maximum Health decreased by 25% in exchange for a 25% Damage boost Offensive
High Voltage At the start of a combat, weapons will not use Mana for 12 seconds Mana
Impervious 8% chance of ignoring an incoming negative status effect Defensive
In Good Shape 15% Higher Fire Rate and 10% Damage if your Health is full Offensive
Inner Wisdom Earn a new Spell. If you already have one, it will be consumed, and the new weapon will deal +10% Damage Utility

Decrease the number of Perks shown on level up by 1. Increase your maximum Health and Mana by 20%

Leftovers Dropped Rewards are absorbed with a 25% effectiveness instead of timing out. Does not work on Coins Utility
Life Awareness Maximum Health increased by +10

Scaling: +10 per level

Lightning Chaneller Increase Lightning Fire Rate by 15% Offensive
Lightweight Movement Speed increased by20%. Maximum Health decreased by 5% Movement
Loan Shark Earn Experience when picking up Coins Growth
Magic Binding A random weapon changes its category and is placed on the Wands slot. Its damage is reduced by 40% Utility
Magic Missile When picking up Experience crystals, there's a 25% chance to shoot a Freezing bullet Offensive
Mana Shield 20% of the damage received is taken from Mana first Defensive
Mana Steal Recover Mana from Experience crystals

Note: Mana gain depends on how much XP the crystal gives

Mantra Spell Mana usage reduced by 15% Mana
Meditation Increase the size of all Mana Pools by 10% Mana
Nimble Dash cooldown reduced by 50% Movement
Obliterator +10% Fire Rate. Mana Pool size decreased by 5% Offensive
Opportunist Elemental Damage to vulnerable enemies increased by 20% Offensive
Oracle Take an Oath to the Elder Gods Growth
Overheal 30% of the unneeded healing by Health potions is converted to Barrier Defensive
Overload Mana crystals give you 20% on pick up, and 100% over 20 seconds Mana
Pain Conversion Recover some Mana when receiving damage Mana
Penance After being hit, you become invulnerable for 1 second

Scaling: +1 second per level

Persistence Items take 200% longer to disappear Utility
Pierce Enemies defeated with an elemental vulnerability have a 25% chance of dropping a Mana crystal Mana
Poison Brewer Poison Mana usage reduced by 25%, and its duration is increased by 10% Mana
Power Saving -5% Damage, -20% Mana usage for all weapon categories except Wands Mana
Power Shield
  • Earn 5 Shield
  • Damage to Shield reduced by 15%
  • Mana obtained from crystals decreased by 10%
Protective Shield Get 3 Shield points

Scaling: +3 per level

Psycho +50% Damage while you are affected by an active status effect Offensive
Quick Reflexes After performing a Dash, you get +50% Fire Rate for 3 seconds Offensive
Quick Step Armor: -17% damage received while sprinting Defensive
Recycling 50% chance of earning 3 Mana when defeating an enemy Mana
Regeneration You regenerate 20 Health for 40 seconds at the beginning of a combat.

Health Potions are 20% less powerful.

Reserves When spending Mana, the other types recover 5% of the Mana spent Mana
Revenge When receiving damage, there is a 20% chance to spawn a Stunning shockwave Defensive
Risky Business If you're below half Health, you get 50% more Experience from crystals Growth
Rough Skin Friendly fire Immunity.

Armor: -5% Incoming elemental damage

Safe Path
  • Damage from traps reduced by 50%
  • Champions will show up 50% less often.
  • Length of negative status effects decreased by 20%
Savage +15% Damage, +25% Mana usage Offensive
Scaredy Cat Get a 25% Speed and Fire Rate boost for 5 seconds after being hit Offensive
Scavenger Enemies drop 5% more Rewards when defeated

Scaling: +5% per level

Scholar Knowledge gems give +20% Experience

Scaling: +10% per level

Sensitivity +40% Experience from crystals. Damage received increased by 15% Growth
Shuffle Consume all your weapons and get new ones with a 10% Fire Rate boost Utility
Simplicity Basic attacks deal +10% Damage Offensive
Skillful Your character skill recharges 25% faster Utility
Slaughter Every time you defeat an enemy, there’s a 25% chance you earn 1 Barrier Defensive
Sleight of hand You switch weapons 20% faster

After switching weapons, you don't use Mana for 2 seconds

Solstice 10% fewer enemies spawned on fights. -5% to Boss health Utility
Specialist A random Mana Pool will increase its capacity by 20% and lower Mana usage by 10% Mana
Spotless When picking up a Mana crystal, weapons of that type won't use Mana for 4 seconds Mana
Spell Affinity Increases to Damage dealt by Spell weapons by 15%. Decreases damage for the other main weapon categories by 5% Offensive
Spell Collector Spell Mana Pool increased by 20

Scaling: +20 per level

Spellslinger Increase your Fire Rate by 5%

Scaling: +5% per level

Sprinter Sprint Speed increased by 20%. You can sprint even while Frozen Movement
Staff Affinity Increases to Damage dealt by Staff weapons by 15%. Decreases damage for the other main weapon categories by 5% Offensive
Staff Hunter Staff Mana Pool increased by 20

Scaling +20 per level

Steady Aim Staff Mana usage reduced by 15% Mana
Stockpile Reduce Mana usage while stationary by 25% Mana
Stone Skin Armor: -5% incoming damage Defensive
Subjugate Nearby enemies will have their speed decreased by 10% Utility
Submission When defeating an enemy with an active status effect, you earn 5 Mana of each category Mana
Sure Shot Ignore enemies' elemental resistance.

-5% elemental Damage

Surprise! Get 2 random Perks. Experience from knowledge gems reduced by 5% Growth
Switcheroo Shoot small Lightning projectiles when switching weapons Offensive
Talented Get 3 Perks immediately.

-15% Experience from crystals from now on

Talented Alchemist Alchemy Mana regenerates 20 points over 40 seconds at the beginning of a combat

Scaling: +20 per level

Talented Spellcaster Spell Mana regenerates 20 points over 40 seconds at the beginning of a combat

Scaling: +20 per level

Talented Staff Wielder Staff Mana regenerates 20 points over 40 seconds at the beginning of a combat

Scaling: +20 per level

Telekinetic Increase your Item pickup range by 75% Utility
Thrifty If your Health is below 50%, your Mana usage decreases by 50% Mana
Tip-Top Upon picking a Health Potion, +100% Damage for 5 seconds Offensive
Torture Increases duration of status effects on enemies by 20%. Offensive
Trader When picking up Mana, if the pool is full, it will fill other categories Mana
Training Improve a Perk by 2 levels (if you don't have a valid one, earn a random Lvl 2 perk). -5% Experience from crystals Growth
Tranquility Lower Mana usage by 20% if you're at full Health Mana
Transmutation Get a new Alchemy weapon. If you already have one, it will be consumed, and the new weapon will deal +10% Damage Offensive
Turtle Armor: Incoming damage decreased by 25%

Damage dealt decreased by 10%

Unlimited Power +20% Damage if Mana for that weapon is over 75% capacity Offensive
Unnatural Strength Current and maximum Health increased by 25%. Speed decreased by 10% Growth
Vampirism When defeating an enemy, there's a 20% chance of recovering 2 Health Healing
Vigilant Recover 10% of your Mana at the start of a fight Mana
Vital Energy Decrease your Mana Pool capacity by 10% and increase your current and maximum Health by 20% Growth
Volatile Rewards disappear time reduced by 75%, but they're 50% more effective Utility
Wand Artisan +25% Wand Damage Offensive
Wand Expert Increase Wand Fire Rate by 15%

Scaling: +15% per level

Wand Link Wand Mana regeneration increased by 15%

Scaling: +15% per level

Warcry Recover 5% of your Health at the start of a fight Healing
Warlock Crystals grant +10% ManaScaling: +10% per level Mana
White Orb Lose all your Mana. +20 to your maximum Health Growth
Workbench Alchemy Mana usage reduced by 15% Mana
Wrecking Ball After defeating an enemy, you get +20% Damage for 3 seconds

Scaling: +15% per level