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Perks are the main way to improve the player's powers in the middle of a mission, and range from a simple boost to mana capacity to a chance of burning enemies hurting you. A choice of 3 perks (4 with Bookworm perk) will be presented, and the player must choose one or re-roll for new choices using coins.

In the two tables below, Perks are categorized under the following types:

  • Offensive perks help you kill monsters faster.
  • Defensive perks reduce the damage you take.
  • Healing perks are self-explanatory.
  • Movement perks make you more nimble.
  • Mana perks restore your Mana, increase its reserves, or make you spend less of it.
  • Growth perks help you level up faster, grant you new Perks, or increase maximum stats.
  • Utility perks provide assorted useful effects.

As of Update 50, there are 153 general perks and 66 Hero-specific perks in the game.

List of General Perks[]

Name Description Type
Agile When performing a Dash, you become invulnerable for 1 second Movement
Alchemy Affinity Increases Damage dealt by Alchemy weapons by 15%. Decreases damage for other weapon categories by 5% Offensive
Alchemy Pouch Alchemy Mana Pool increased by 20
Scaling: +20 per level
Alternative Mana usage for secondary fire lowered by 20% Mana
Amnesia Decrease your Mana Pools by 10% and get 2 more Perks Growth
Appraiser You earn 20 Mana to all categories when picking up Coins Mana
Arcane Absorption Consume your current weapons to get 2 Levels up for every weapon consumed Growth
Arcane Summoning Get a new Amulet. If you already had one, it will be consumed, and you'll get an additional Perk Utility
Avarice Increased Rewards pick radius by 400%, but lower drop rate[1] by 10% Utility
Banker When picking up a Coin, there's a 25% chance it counts double Utility
Barter Shop Prices are halved. All dungeon floors will have a shop Utility
Bastion Increases Fire Rate while stationary by 20% Offensive
Berserker Increase Damage dealt by 30% when you're below 35% Health
Scaling: +30% per level
Black Market Lose a random weapon (if you have any). Get +15 points of Shield in exchange Defensive
Black Orb Lose half of your current Health to get +10% Damage and Fire Rate Offensive
Blood Money Every Coin picked up counts double. Your maximum Health decreases by 20% Utility
Blood Rites Lose half your current Health to increase your maximum Health by half that amount Growth
Bloodlust You recover some Health when picking up Experience crystals [2] Healing
Bookworm One additional Perk choice upon leveling up, and a 5% boost to Experience Growth
Brute Enemies drop 25% more Rewards when defeated

Reduced Experience gain by 20%[1]

+10% Damage

Scaling: +25% Rewards and +10% Damage per level

Bunny Hopper +25% Speed, -25% Mana usage, and +25% Damage while you’re airborne Movement/Mana
Burning Wrath Enemies that damage you have a 25% chance to be set on Fire Offensive
Challenger Recover 25% Health and Mana when starting a Guardian fight Healing/Mana
Chanelling Amulets have a 40% chance to not consume a charge. Amulet cooldown reduced by 25%. Utility
Clarity of Mind +200% Mana and Health recovered on level up Healing/Mana
Cleansing Upon leveling up, all enemies become Cursed. You get 3 Barrier for every cursed enemy. Defensive
Conduit Every Mana crystal you pick up will grant 0.5 Barrier Defensive
Consumption Lose 15% of your maximum Health to get 3 Perks Growth
Conversion If you don't have enough Mana for your current weapon, you'll take it from the other categories Mana
Coup de grace Recover 5 Mana of every Pool when defeating an enemy with your Wand Mana
Curiosity Earn a fixed 10% Experience of your current level progress when starting a combat Growth
Curse Decrease your maximum Health by 10%
Enemies hitting you become Cursed
Dark Forge Get a random weapon. That weapon's category deals +20% Damage. Other categories deal -10% Damage Offensive
Dark Pact Lose 25% of your maximum Health to get 4 Perks Growth
Deal with the Reaper Only once, when you're about to die, you'll recover 20% of your Health and become invulnerable for 4 seconds Healing
Dismantle The next 5 chests you open give you 2 Shield each Defensive
Druid Potions give you +10% Health Healing
Dynamo If Mana of the current weapon is over 70%, +10% to Speed+25% Fire Rate Movement
Elemental Link Decrease Mana usage of elemental attacks by 7% Mana
Elemental Master
  • 50% higher chances of attacks triggering elemental effects
  • Elemental Damage increased by 10%
  • Basic Damage reduced by 5%
Energized Convert 10% of your maximum Health to Shield Defensive
Enraged Increases Damage dealt by 7%
Scaling: +5% per level
Equalizer Mana crystals are equally split between all categories. +5% Mana from crystals Mana
Erudite Knowledge gems give +50% Experience. Damage dealt reduced by 20% Growth
Evil Eye Enemies that hit you with ranged attacks have a 20% chance of getting Cursed Defensive
Fire and Ice Reduces Fire and Ice Mana usage by 20% Mana
Foundry Increase one level for a random weapon and your Wand, enhancing the Damage they deal. Offensive
Freezing Touch Enemies hurting you with melee attacks have a 25% chance of becoming Frozen.

+10% Ice Damage resistance

Scaling: +25% chance and +10% resistance per level

Fury After being hit, you deal 50% more Damage for 2 seconds
Scaling: +1 second per level
Golden Weapon A weapon chosen at random will deal 8% more Damage and have 8% faster Fire Rate Offensive
Good Omens Recover 50% Health, all your Mana, and get +50% Damage for the next combat when picking up the Guardian’s Seal Utility
Guardian Angel Fire a homing projectile when hit Offensive
Haste Increase your Movement speed by 5%
Scaling: +5% per level
Healer Health potions give you 25% on pick up, and 100% over 20 seconds Healing
Heavy Armor Armor: -18% incoming damage, but Speed decreased by 8% Defensive
Heavy Pockets Increase Enemy Drop rate[1] by 10%. Increased Dash recovery time by 10% Utility
Heretic Earn a new Staff. If you already have one, it will be consumed, and the new weapon will deal +10% Damage Utility
Hero +25% chance of spawning Champions. Champions drop +100% Rewards[1] Utility
High Stakes Maximum Health decreased by 25% in exchange for a 25% Damage boost Offensive
High Voltage At the start of a combat, weapons will not use Mana for 12 seconds Mana
Impervious 8% chance of ignoring an incoming negative status effect Defensive
In Good Shape 15% Higher Fire Rate and 10% Damage if your Health is full Offensive
Inner Wisdom Earn a new Spell
If you already have one, it will be consumed, and the new weapon will deal +10% Damage
Introverted Decrease the number of Perks shown on level up by 1.
Increase your maximum Health and Mana by 20%

Gain 10% more Experience

Leftovers Dropped Rewards are absorbed with a 40% effectiveness instead of timing out.
Does not work on Coins
Life Awareness Maximum Health increased by +10
Scaling: +10 per level
Lightning Chaneller Increase Lightning Fire Rate by 20%. Increase Stun Duration by the same amount

Scaling: +10% per level

Lightweight Movement Speed increased by 20%. Maximum Health decreased by 5% Movement
Loan Shark Earn Experience when picking up Coins

Scaling: one extra Ice Armor's worth of XP per perk level

Magic Binding A random weapon changes its category and is placed on the Wands slot. Its damage is reduced by 25% Utility
Magic Missile When picking up Experience crystals, there's a 25% chance to shoot a Freezing bullet Offensive
Mana Shield 20% of the damage received is taken from Mana first Defensive
Mana Steal Recover Mana from Experience crystals[2] Mana
Mantra Spell Mana usage reduced by 15% Mana
Meditation Increase the size of all Mana Pools by 10% Mana
Nimble Dash cooldown reduced by 50% Movement
Obliterator +10% Fire Rate. Mana Pool size decreased by 5% Offensive
Opportunist Elemental Damage to vulnerable enemies increased by 20% Offensive
Oracle Take an Oath to the Elder Gods Growth
Overheal 30% of the unneeded healing by Health potions is converted to Barrier Defensive
Overload Mana crystals give you 30% on pick up, and 100% over 30 seconds Mana
Pain Conversion Recover some Mana (apparently 50 points) when receiving damage

Scaling: apparently 50 points per level

Note: this perk effect is unconfirmed/could be wrong.

Penance After being hit, you become invulnerable for 1 second
Scaling: +1 second per level
Persistence Items take 200% longer to disappear Utility
Pierce Enemies defeated with an elemental vulnerability will always drop a Mana crystal Mana
Poison Brewer Poison Mana usage reduced by 25%, and its duration is increased by 25% Mana
Power Saving -20% Mana usage for all weapon categories except Wands Mana
Power Shield
  • Earn 5 Shield
  • Damage to Shield reduced by 15%
  • Mana obtained from crystals decreased by 10%
Protective Shield Get 3 Shield points

Scaling: +3 per level

Psycho +50% Damage while you are affected by an active status effect Offensive
Quick Reflexes After performing a Dash, you get +50% Fire Rate for 3 seconds Offensive
Quick Step Armor: -17% damage received while sprinting Defensive
Recycling 50% chance of earning 3 Mana when defeating an enemy Mana
Regeneration You regenerate 30 Health for 60 seconds at the beginning of a combat.

Health Potions are 20% less powerful.

Reserves When spending Mana, the other types recover 5% of the Mana spent Mana
Revenge When receiving damage, there is a 20% chance to spawn a Stunning shockwave Defensive
Risky Business If you're below half Health, you get 75% more Experience from crystals

Scaling: +50% Experience per level

Rough Skin Friendly fire Immunity.

Armor: -5% Incoming elemental damage

Safe Path
  • Damage from traps reduced by 50%
  • Champions will show up 50% less often.
  • Length of negative status effects decreased by 20%
Savage +15% Damage, +25% Mana usage Offensive
Scaredy Cat Get a 25% Speed and Fire Rate boost for 5 seconds after being hit Offensive
Scavenger Enemies drop 5% more Rewards[1] when defeated.

Scaling: +5% per level

Scholar Knowledge gems give +20% Experience

Scaling: +10% per level

Sensitivity +40% Experience from crystals. Damage received increased by 15% Growth
Shuffle Consume all your weapons and get new ones with a 10% Fire Rate boost Utility
Simplicity Basic attacks deal +10% Damage Offensive
Skillful Your character skill recharges 25% faster Utility
Slaughter Every time you defeat an enemy, there’s a 25% chance you earn 1 Barrier Defensive
Sleight of hand You switch weapons 20% faster

After switching weapons, you don't use Mana for 2 seconds

Solstice 10% fewer enemies spawned on fights. -5% to BossHealth Utility
Specialist A random Mana Pool will increase its capacity by 20% and lower Mana usage by 10% Mana
Spotless When picking up a Mana crystal, weapons of that type won't use Mana for 4 seconds Mana
Spell Affinity Increases to Damage dealt by Spell weapons by 15%. Decreases damage for the other main weapon categories by 5% Offensive
Spell Collector Spell Mana Pool increased by 20

Scaling: +20 per level

Spellslinger Increase your Fire Rate by 5%

Scaling: +5% per level

Sprinter Sprint Speed increased by 20%. You can sprint even while Frozen Movement
Staff Affinity Increases to Damage dealt by Staff weapons by 15%. Decreases damage for the other main weapon categories by 5% Offensive
Staff Hunter Staff Mana Pool increased by 20

Scaling +20 per level

Steady Aim Staff Mana usage reduced by 15% Mana
Stockpile Reduce Mana usage while stationary by 40%

Scaling: Additional 15% reduction per level

Stone Skin Armor: -5% incoming damage Defensive
Subjugate Nearby enemies will have their speed decreased by 10% Utility
Submission When defeating an enemy with an active status effect, you earn 8 Mana of each category Mana
Sure Shot Ignore enemies' elemental resistance.

-5% elemental Damage

Surprise! Get 2 random Perks. Experience from knowledge gems reduced by 5% Growth
Switcheroo Shoot small Lightning projectiles when switching weapons Offensive
Talented Get 3 Perks immediately.

-15% Experience from crystals from now on

Talented Alchemist Alchemy Mana regenerates 20 points over 40 seconds at the beginning of a combat

Scaling: +20 points and +10 seconds per level

Talented Spellcaster Spell Mana regenerates 20 points over 40 seconds at the beginning of a combat

Scaling: +20 points and +10 seconds per level

Talented Staff Wielder Staff Mana regenerates 20 points over 40 seconds at the beginning of a combat

Scaling: +20 points and +10 seconds per level

Telekinetic Increase your Item pickup range by 75% Utility
Thrifty If your Health is below 50%, your Mana usage decreases by 50% Mana
Tip-Top Upon picking a Health Potion, +100% Damage for 5 seconds Offensive
Torture Increases duration of status effects on enemies by 20%. Offensive
Trader When picking up Mana, if the pool is full, it will fill other categories Mana
Training Improve a Perk by 2 levels (if you don't have a valid one, earn a random Lvl 2 perk). -5% Experience from crystals Growth
Tranquility Lower Mana usage by 30% if you're at full HealthScaling: -20% Mana usage per level Mana
Transmutation Get a new Alchemy weapon. If you already have one, it will be consumed, and the new weapon will deal +10% Damage Offensive
Turtle Armor: Incoming damage decreased by 25%

Damage dealt decreased by 5%

Unlimited Power +20% Damage if Mana for that weapon is over 75% capacity Offensive
Unnatural Strength Current and maximum Health increased by 25%. Speed decreased by 10% Growth
Vampirism When defeating an enemy, there's a 20% chance of recovering 2 Health Healing
Vigilant Recover 10% of your Mana at the start of a fight Mana
Vital Energy Decrease your Mana Pool capacity by 10% and increase your current and maximum Health by 20% Growth
Volatile Rewards disappear 3 times faster, but they're 50% more effective Utility
Wand Artisan +25% Wand Damage Offensive
Wand Expert Increase Wand Fire Rate by 15%
Scaling: +15% per level
Wand Link Wand Mana regeneration increased by 15%
Scaling: +15% per level
Warcry Recover 5% of your Health at the start of a fight

Scaling: +5% per level

Warlock Crystals grant +10% ManaScaling: +10% per level Mana
White Orb Lose all your Mana. +20 to your maximum Health Growth
Workbench Alchemy Mana usage reduced by 15% Mana
Wrecking Ball After defeating an enemy, you get +20% Damage for 3 seconds
Scaling: +15% per level

List of Hero-Specific Perks[]

Argo PerksArgoPortraitZ2.png
Name Description Type
Climax Experience from crystals decreased by 10%
Damage increased by 12%
Determination After using Syphon, +50% Fire Rate for 4 seconds
Scaling: +2 seconds per level
Fast Learner Experience crystals are 25% stronger when Syphoned
Scaling: +15% per level
Feedback Mana crystals and Health potions are 20% stronger when Syphoned Healing
Resolution After defeating an enemy, Syphon cooldown is reduced by 1 second Utility
Willpower Damage to Barrier is reduced by 15% Defensive
Carina Perks CarinaPortraitZ2.png
Name Description Type
Always Prepared +25% Fire Rate during the first 20 seconds of the fight

Scaling: +10 seconds per level

Overwhelm After using Shove, if 5 or more enemies were pushed, +25% Damage for 8 seconds

Scaling: +4 seconds per level

Penance Cursed enemies drop +20% Rewards[1] Utility
Purity Defeating a Cursed enemy gives +40% Experience for 8 seconds Growth
Ricochet After using Shove, +20% Speed for 8 seconds. Increases damage caused by shove by +50

Scaling: +50 damage per level

Unmatched Talent When using Shove, get 3 Mana for every enemy pushed

Scaling: +1 Mana per level

Jacob Perks JacobPortraitZ2.png
Name Description Type
Authority Minions move 5% slower Utility
Backstab Champion enemies have -10% Health Offensive
Cunning +5% incoming damage
+25% to Experience from crystals
Scaling: +6% incoming damage, +20% to Experience per level
Envoy A Shrine will be always spawned in the dungeon.
When praying, you earn 25% progress of your current Experience and recover 25% Health and Mana
Greater Sacrifice While Sacrifice is active, you receive +25% damage, and deal +20% Damage Offensive
Pure Evil -10% Health from potions. Deal +12% DamageScaling: -10%, +12% per level Offensive
Glyndor Perks GlyndorPortraitZ2.png
Name Description Type
Confidence Length of negative status effects decreased by 20%

Scaling: additional 10% decrease per level

Destruction When Shell finishes, +20% Fire Rate for 5 seconds Offensive
Old School -5% Fire Rate. +12% Damage Offensive
Punishment While Shell is active, deal +30% Damage Offensive
Scars If Health is below 50%, +20% Fire Rate
Scaling: +20% Fire Rate per level
The Voice of Experience -5% Experience from crystals. Increase skill charge rate by 15% Utility
Kira Perks KiraPortraitZ2.png
Name Description Type
Last Breath If Mana of the current weapon is below 25%, +20% to Damage Offensive
Pillaging Recover 5% Health when picking up a Coin Healing
Plunder While Shroud is active, enemies drop +40% more Rewards[1] Utility
Poison Master +50% Poison damage dealt while Shroud is active Offensive
Smoke Bomb Deal 120 Damage to nearby enemies when activating Shroud
Scaling: +60 damage per level
Surprise Attack When Shroud ends, +50% Damage for 5 seconds Offensive
Eris Perks ErisPortraitZ2.png
Name Description Type
Disappointment When a summoned Skeleton is defeated, +25% Damage for 5 seconds Offensive
Distraction After using Raise Undead, +20% Speed for 6 seconds Movement
Impunity Armor: -20% damage received for 4 seconds after picking up 5 Rewards Defensive
Instability Skeletons explode when defeated, dealing 100 Damage to nearby enemies Offensive
Mob Skeletons deal +6% Damage for every other skeleton summoned and still standing.

Scaling: +2% per level

Reassembly If a Skeleton is defeated, -1 second to Raise Undead cooldown Utility
Rigel Perks RigelPortraitZ2.png
Name Description Type
Adrenaline When receiving damage, decrease Vault cooldown time by 2 seconds Utility
Agility 8% chances of ignoring a wound Defensive
Polish +5% Mana usage.
+10% Staff Damage
Refocus Defeating an enemy with a Spell or Alchemy weapon grants +50% Staff Damage for 6 seconds Offensive
Spectacle Enemies defeated during a Leap drop +100% Rewards[1] Utility
Staff Specialist +10% Staff Fire Rate. -5% Fire Rate for the other main weapon categories Offensive
Margaret Perks MargaretPortraitZ2.png
Name Description Type
Conconction If you throw a Flask at yourself, you get Armor: -50% against incoming damage for 8 seconds Defensive
Experimentation When defeating an enemy with an Alchemy weapon, you get unlimited Mana for Spell and Staff for 8 seconds Offensive
Prudence Get 5 Shield. Decrease movement Speed by 6% Defensive
Refined mixture Flasks deal +35% Damage Offensive
Thorough +20% Damage. +10% Mana usage of Alchemy weapons Offensive
Versatile When defeating an enemy with non-Alchemy weapons, decrease Flask cooldown by 2 seconds Utility
Nadja Perks NadjaPortraitZ2.png
Name Description Type
Devotion Reduce Shield Bash cooldown by 5% Utility
Fervor When hit, your Fire Rate increases by +20% for 6 seconds Offensive
Righteousness Armor: -10% Basic damage received Defensive
Stoic Armor: -10% damage received for 5 seconds after performing Shield Bash
Scaling: -8% damage per level
Unshakable Faith When picking up a Health potion, you also recover 2 Shield points Defensive
Unswerving Will Damage to Shield is reduced by 5% Defensive
Sirius Perks SiriusPortraitZ2.png
Name Description Type
Attuned When defeating an enemy with a Spell, Blaze cooldown decreases by 0.5 second Utility
Bulk While using Blaze:
  • +8% Damage
  • Armor -15% damage received
  • -10% Speed
Burnout After using Blaze, +50% Elemental Fire Rate for 8 seconds Offensive
  • -4% Speed
  • +6% Spell Damage
  • +6% Fire Damage
Kickstart At the start of a combat, +15% Fire Rate for 15 seconds Offensive
Mock -10% Minion damage. +5% Minion speed Defensive
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 Drop rate does not affect Coins or Experience drops.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Gain depends on how much XP the crystal gives.
  3. Confirmed by developer to give the same XP as the Knowledge Gem from one Ice Armor enemy