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Oaths are vows to the Gods of the Ziggurat, and are made at Altars, special rooms which can spawn. They function very similar to Perks. Compared to those, Oaths generally have stronger effects, but on the other hand, Oaths always incur a downside/tradeoff.

If taken by Jacob, there will be three choices instead of two.

Oaths names consist of an adjective (responsible for the negative effect) followed by a noun (responsible for the positive effect). Both adjective and noun are totally randomized, so you can have an Oath consisting of any combination of these two components, except when the effects are directly contradictory (e.g. "+15% Staff damage" and "-15% Staff damage" together).

List of Effects[]

Name Type Effect
Grief Positive Minions move 10% slower
Bite Positive Weapons deal 15% more Damage
Wealth Positive Earn 20% of your current money
Prudence Positive 100% more Barrier from orbs
Heart Positive +15% Health
Health Positive 15% more Health from potions
Impunity Positive Status effects on you will last 30% shorter
Knowledge Positive +10% Experience from crystals
Damnation Positive Curse Damage increased by 25%
Determination Positive Character skill recharges 15% faster
Sapience Positive +100% Experience on the next 2 fights
Power Positive +15% capacity of all Mana Pools
Arsenal Positive Get a random weapon
Flame Positive Fire Damage increased by 25%
Trust Positive +300% Wand Damage on the next 2 fights
Collapse Positive Basic Damage increased by 17%
Impact Positive Status effects on enemies last 30% longer
Explosion Positive Alchemy Damage increased by 20%
Splinter Positive Part of incoming damage is converted into Staff Mana
Servitude Positive Minions have 15% less Health
Ferocity Positive Staff Mana Usage decreased by 25%
Forgiveness Positive Armor: -17% incoming elemental damage
Husk Positive Armor: -33% damage received in the next 4 fights
Efficiency Positive Mana usage decreased by 15%
Protection Positive Adds 8 Shield
Factory Positive Get a random amulet
Ascent Positive Alchemy Mana regenerates 40 points over
40 seconds at the beginning of a combat
Frame Positive Armor: -15% damage received
Resistance Positive Minions deal 15% less damage
Storm Positive Lightning Damage increased by 25%
Rebirth Positive Increase your Health and Mana pools by 5%, and fully recover them.
Composure Positive Part of incoming damage is converted to Alchemy Mana
Longevity Positive Drops take 100% longer to disappear
Dignity Positive +30% Wand Damage
Skill Positive +20% Staff Damage
Energy Positive 25% chance of an amulet not consuming a charge on activation.
Amulet cooldown reduced by 15%
Amalgam Positive 15% more Mana from crystals
Judgement Positive Spell Mana Usage decreased by 25%
Trial Positive Spell Mana regenerates 40 points over
40 seconds at the beginning of a combat
Wisdom Positive +20% Spell Damage
Austerity Positive Shop prices are 25% lower
Journey Positive Staff Mana regenerates 40 points over
40 seconds at the beginning of a combat
Attraction Positive Pickup distance of drops increased by 150%
Talent Positive Level up right away
Light Negative Minions move 6% faster
Peaceful Negative Lose a random weapon
Simple Negative -20% Wand Damage
Blunt Negative Weapons deal 8% less Damage
Pulsing Negative Minions have 10% more health
Complex Negative Spell Mana Usage increased by 15%
Golden Negative Champion enemies spawn 40% more often
Tenacious Negative Status effects on enemies last 25% shorter
Splintered Negative Staff damage decreased by 20%
Eternal Negative 20% more enemies spawned on every fight
Poor Negative -50% Drop Rate from enemies for the next 4 fights
Weak Negative -10% Health
Careless Negative Armor: +100% damage received on the next 2 fights
Heavy[1] Negative Movement Speed decreased by 8%
Heavy[1] Negative Staff Mana Usage increased by 15%
Worn out Negative Mana Usage increased by 10%
Overloaded Negative +100% Manage Usage on the next 3 fights
Dark Negative Dash recovery time increased by 15%
Meager Negative Enemies will drop 10% fewer Rewards
Weakened Negative Minions deal 10% more damage
Unstable Negative Alchemy Mana Usage increased by 15%
Wretched Negative Lose 20% of your current money
Rickety Negative -25% Damage for the next 4 fights
Lost Negative -50% Experience for the next 4 fights
Crystallized Negative +14% incoming elemental damage
Forgetful Negative Lose your amulet
Wounded Negative Lose 60% of your current health
Unhealthy Negative 10% less Health from potions
Broken Negative Character skill recharges 20% slower
Enriched Negative Shop prices are 20% higher
Reinforced Negative Status effects on you will last 15% longer
Dirty Negative One less Perk choice upon leveling up
Extinct Negative 10% less Mana from crystals
Holed Negative Armor: +10% damage received
Convoluted Negative -10% Experience from crystals
Insulated Negative Lightning damage decreased by 15%
Hazy Negative 12% of your Maximum Health becomes Barrier
Faded Negative -15% Fire Damage
Dated Negative -10% Spell Damage
Weak Negative -10% Health
Cracked Negative -10% capacity of all Mana pools
Mild Negative -15% Ice Damage
Healthy Negative -15% Poison Damage
Rusty Negative -15% Fire Rate
Volatile Negative Drops disappear 15% faster
Redeemed Negative -15% Cursed Damage

  1. 1.0 1.1 As of update 50, both these oaths are called the same but have different effects.