Ziggurat Wiki

Minions can have:

  • Vulnerabilities (weakness vs element/s)
  • Resistances (strong vs element/s)

List of minions[]

Name Health Resistances Vulnerabilities Lore
Lost-soul z2.png
Lost Soul
60 Curse - All that remains of mighty warriors that dared to enter the dungeon in the past.
The location of the rest of the body is still an unsolved mystery.
Burning Soul
120 Fire Ice Whatever little humanity that remained in these old bones has been long consumed by flames.
An eternity in the underworld will get anyone to their nerves.
Goblin z2.png
90 - Poison They make up for their fragility with sheer numbers.
Their crossbow may look simple, but they rarely miss a shot.
Hobgoblin z2.png
225 - Poison A bigger and tougher Goblin breed.
Its Blunderbuss is lethal at close range.
Goblin-gunslinger z2.png
Goblin Gunslinger
Carrot z2.png
65 - Poison These dangerous vegetables will attack anyone that gets in range of their teeth.
They're also a nutritious food source in case of need.
125 Fire Ice An unstable Carrot mutation, Chillies tend to explode when killed.
As a plus, this explosion doesn't distinguish friend from foe.
225 Curse Poison Radishes are the biggest specimens of the vegetable creatures.
When in danger they drop toxic goo.
250 Lightning Ice It is said that Ghosts are spirits that still have something left to do before leaving this world.
Unless this pending task is "drain the energy of every living being", it's most likely a hoax.
150 Basic
- Spirit that wanders in dungeons, usually in groups.
They would be an excellent company if it wasn't because they want to feast on your soul.
Stone Nightmare
750 Fire
Curse These big critters are really hard to crack.
They can hurl rocks over great distances.
Demonic Nightmare
300 Poison - Minor Daemon wandering between both planes.
Its weak connection with the earthly world makes it tremendously volatile.
Glacial Nightmare
225 Ice Fire Coming from the Frozen Hell, they spit sharp ice floes to their enemies.
Igneous Nightmare
450 Fire Ice Carriers of Hellfire, these beings wander near active volcanoes.
Their lava vomit makes them dangerous when close.
Bronze Warrior
625 Lightning Ice Impious creations with no soul whose only goal is to destroy life.
Their electrical attacks can drain magical energy.
Floating Warrior
625 - Lightning, Curse Forced to protect towers for eons, these warriors throw magical flails to any intruder daring to approach them.
Hollow Warrior
625 Poison Lightning, Curse Their soul was bound to their armor due to a terrible curse.
Dangerous in long distance, lethal when close.
Frozen Warrior
625 Ice Fire Warrior of a Northern kingdom long forgotten.
Their mighty ice attacks have no match.
Reanimated-corpse z2.png
Reanimated Corpse
140 Curse - Tomb robbers that paid the price of their audacity with eternal servitude.
Their dagger carry a strong curse that weakens their targets.
Reanimated Prisoner
350 Poison - Former captives freed of their mortal ties.
Their exposition to toxic fumes allows them to regenerate, but they're highly volatile.
Reanimated Soldier
350 - Ice Soldiers that made an oath of loyalty beyond death to their kings.
They can throw Fire bombs with inhuman strength.
Baby Slime
100 Basic
Fire A newborn Slime is already a danger for everything around it.
It's likely that it will call you "Daddy" or "Mommy" before devouring you.
Green Slime
350 Basic
Fire A single Green Slime is already dangerous on its own, as it can cover a big area with its poisonous spit.
On top of that, these hulks of sticky mucus will reproduce on death, spawning smaller Slimes. Talk about sore losers.
Blue Slime
200 Basic
Fire A curious creature coming from the coldest Northern caves.
Don't be fooled by the cute looks and clumsiness. Its reflexes are from out of this world and their freezing spit is extremely dangerous.
425 - Lightning Fearsome orc warriors, equipped with heavy armor and a spear.
They are touch nuts to crack, but their lack of agility and brains makes them predictable.
750 Lightning Fire These enormous orcs won't hesitate in recklessly throwing themselves at the enemy.
Probably not the best strategy, but it usually works for them.
Infernal Fish
300 Fire Ice Infernal Fish dwell on hot zones, such as the inside of an active volcano, or fire deserts.
They're usually pacific, and will only try to end your life if you cross their field of view.
Ulmar Fish
350 Lightning Poison A common specimen of flying predator fish.
Their attack mechanism consists in a beam of energy that splits their prey in half.
Lava-Golem z2.png
Lava Golem
750 Fire Ice Coming from the Peak of Grief, these critters dwell near volcanoes and other sources of intense heat.
Despite their friendly looks, they're incredibly aggressive, and will spit a stream of lava to anyone getting close to them.
Lightning-golem z2.png
Lightning Golem
250 Lightning - Lightning Golems show up after the split of an Ice Golem after its death.
After a few centuries of life, they start a metamorphosis process to become adult Ice Golems.
Until then, their insides consist of a volatile mix of magical components, so you'd better not shake them too much.
Ice-golem z2.png
Ice Golem
500 Ice Fire Ice Golems were created millennia ago by Onos, the Frost Giant.
The most interesting thing about these creatures is their reproductive behavior: when dying, they split into two young Lightning Golems.
Summoner z2.png
600 Curse Fire Servants of the Dark Powers, able to resurrect and command an army of the dead.
Even with their power, they are cowardly beings, preferring to flee rather than fight whenever possible.
Kumakatok z2.png
700 Fire
Basic These apparitions are the personification of misfortune. They rarely leave their lairs, but when they do, they only leave death and sorrow behind them.
Their powerful magic lantern allows them to cast dangerous spells at any range.