Kraz the Novice
"Very powerful magic wand skills. Smaller mana pool for the other magic disciplines"
Gender Female
Unlock Kill 200 enemies with wands
Equipment Kraz's Wand
Perks Wand Mastery x5

Wand Link x5

Health-icon 100 (+5)
Wand Mana-icon 100 (+2)
Spell Mana-iconStaff Mana-iconAlchemy Mana-icon 50 / 50 / 50 (+5)


Kraz's skill with the wand is unparalleled.  The wand is basically unaltered, so it retains its high accuracy. With the large wand mana pool, she can sustain its high rate of fire for a long time.  With enough mana perks, her handicap with other mana pools can compensated enough to use them for higher damage output, but the wand will always remain a good fallback even late game.

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