King Blob

Room IdentificationEdit

King Blob's room is completely surrounded by water except for the summoning block in the center.

Appearance and Behaviour Edit

King Blob is a giant version of a Slime with more deadly attacks. He moves quite quickly for his size. He will periodically spawn a horde of Slimes when fighting him.

Attacks Edit

  • Green Goo: If you stand too close to him, King Blob will stop to eject large waves of green liquid that do some damage over time. It is best to get out of the goo as soon as possible.
  • Spinning Attack: If standing at range to King Blob, he will stop and start spinning on the spot, rapidly shooting out a stream of large balls that do moderate damage each.
  • Homing Shards: King Blob is able to attack in the same way as a Rotten Stem does. Sometimes he will fire two barrages of four green 'shards' that home in on the player.
  • Summoning: Usually right at the start of the battle, King Blob will spawn in about 10 Slimes, all of which will start shooting their normal attacks at you.

Hints Edit

  • The best way to deal with King Blob is to continually strafe in one direction while stopping briefly to dodge his spinning attack. The strafing 'confuses' the smaller Slimes and they will end up missing most of their shots.
  • Don't worry about the minion Slimes. If you hit them, they will move and tend to hit you back. Concentrate on the boss and dodging projectiles.
  • The only way to get out of his goo is to back away as quickly as possible.
  • Dodging the homing shards is easy: just walk backwards for a bit, then quickly change direction to strafe the projectiles past you.
  • Alchemy weapons work very well against this boss.