Ziggurat Wiki

Appearance and Behaviour[]


Imps are small flying creatures that slowly drift toward you while bobbing up and down in mid-air. They tend to strafe slowly from side to side as well as bob around, so getting a bead on them can prove to be tricky sometimes. They will momentarily stop their flight path when in their attack animation, making them more vulnerable. They have very low HP, somewhat in-between a Lost Soul and a Banshee.

They will attempt to attack you as long as you are within their range, which can be up to half of a long room away. Dealing with a few Imps is not problematic, however you will find that dealing with hordes can be a nightmare.

Attack Patterns[]

The Imp only has one attack: shoot three equally-spaced fireballs at the player which will run along the ground (similar to the alternate attack of Whirlwind of Ulthar). They will alternate between flying and attacking, stopping dead in mid-air to attack.

Obstacles such as walls will stop the fireballs from progressing so getting to some high ground is the best defense against these creatures. Staircases do not stop the fireballs from moving along the ground: they will continue to move up or down the staircase so be careful around stairs. Also, stairs make it harder to see incoming attacks.

Their attack patterns do not vary regardless of position of player, how many of them there are, etc. They all behave independently of each other.


  • Usually your best line of defense is a homing weapon (Bloodlust Needles or Skull of Xanatos for example). These will guarantee the most number of kills per shot and you won't miss them due to their erratic movement.
  • A high rate of fire weapon (like Eye of Twilight or most character's Wands) will also deal with Imps effectively.
  • Sometimes an Imp will appear to kill itself for no apparent reason. Imps do not drop anything if killed in this manner.