Gunkarr the Crusher

Appearance and Behaviour Edit

Gunkarr appears to be a larger and much stronger version of a Kobold except he wields a large mace and his helmet has decorative 'horns'. Because of his size he can move quite quickly.

Room IdentificationEdit

Gunkarr's room has 8 pillars surrounding the summoning block, along with large stacks of books.

Attacks Edit

  • Swing Attack: If you are within a short range, Gunkarr will smash his mace into the ground, making a kind of shockwave or earthquake in a straight line. Even though it doesn't look like much, this does a lot of damage.
  • Jump Attack: Easily the scariest attack, if you are at long range, Gunkarr will try to leap at you from across the room and smash the ground as he lands. This results in a large fiery shockwave made at his position for moderate damage.
  • Summoning: Like most other bosses, Gunkarr can summon a small horde of Banshees to assist him. He will firstly attempt to walk away from the player, stop for a second, then summon the enemies while waving his arms around.

Hints Edit

  • Avoid getting too close to him if you can help it.
  • To evade his jump attack, simply jump just before he hits the ground. The shockwave will pass by underneath you harmlessly.
  • If the Banshees are getting in the way of your movement, just kill a couple of them before resuming the fight with Gunkarr. They don't take much to be killed.
  • On very rare occasions, Gunkarr will become stuck on a pillar, which (for some reason) breaks his AI patterns. This means he will just stand by and not do anything at all.
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