Firestorm Grenade
This weapon will cause splash damage and can be thrown quite far when aimed correctly. Kind of slow rate of fire and medium mana usage but good damage. Has trouble hitting some enemies though, like flying enemies such as Lost Souls.

Primary Fire: Throws one Grenade.

Second Fire: Throws two Grenades that arc to the sides. More mana usage and slower fire rate.

Tips Edit

  • When using secondary fire remember that you will throw the grenades slightly to the sides. As such ether use them when a group of enemies are in front of you, or force them to blow up early so they don't move apart from each other. Since they fire off to the sides, if an enemy is directly in front of you, they may not be hit.
  • The name may be misleading as this weapon does not have any special effects after impact (for example, leaving behind a pool of fire). It simply explodes on impact.