Eye of Twilight

The Eye of Twilight is a staff weapon using the green mana pool. With high damage for a staff and good accuracy, it tops off the cake by having one of the highest rates of fire in the entire game. The projectiles are somewhat slow though, hindering its use at long range. However, this also means that without perks such as Staff Scavenger, Staff Proficiency or Talented Staff Wielder, prolonged sustained firing will deplete green mana incredibly quickly.

The Eye is particularly useful against both mobs of small, weak enemies, to large creatures (such as Flying Armour) due to its high rate of fire. The alternate attack is especially effective since it shoots even faster, but only at close range due to the large spread it has. A good weapon, you may want to keep it until the end of the game unless something better shows up.

Base Stats Edit

Regular Attack

  • Mana Cost: 1
  • Damage per shot: Low
  • Rate of fire: High
  • Effective Accurate range: Medium

Alternate attack

  • Mana Cost: 1
  • Damage per shot: Low
  • Rate of fire: Very High
  • Effective Accurate range: Low

Gallery Edit


Eye of Twilight


Eye of Twilight firing