Ziggurat Wiki

The following is a list of enemies that appear in Ziggurat. For more details, see the specific article for each enemy.


Minions are common enemies that spawn every time the player enters a new minion room. A minion room will only spawn so many minions at a time, depending on the type of enemies avaible. When one is killed off, another minion spawns until the "pool" of minions is exhausted for that room. A room must be cleared of minions before it is possible to continue.

Beginner Enemies[]

These Enemies can spawn in the largest numbers and are rarely found alone in the enemy pool of a room. Prepare to meet masses of them when you find a single one at the start of the room.

Banshee Basilisk Bone Ranger

Bone Sentry Carrot Cockatrice

Evil Funghi Green Pepper Lost Soul

Kobold Slime Ulmar Fish

Rotten Stem Yellow Chilli Magma Golem


Intermediate Enemies[]

These Enemies spawn in much lesser numbers than their weaker counterparts, but have alot more damage and HP, and mostly more advanced tactics are needed to slay them. If they are not the only enemy in the enemy pool of the room, only few of them will spawn (4-10, depending on the size of the room).

Bone Shieldman Big Green Slime Hollow Armor

Orc Flying Armor Small Yellow Slime

Storm Beast Ice Golem

Advanced Enemies[]

Depending on the size of the room only about 2-4 of these can be active at once, and it is not unusual that only that much of them are in the item pool, since they are the strongest minions in-game.

Bone Summoner Demon Salamander


The Spawn numbers given above change drasticly depending on the difficulty settings, perks, size of the room, other enemy-typs in the room's enemy-pool and number of champion versions part of said pool.


In addition to normal minions, there is a chance of one or more a champion minions spawning. Champion minions are stronger and rarer variations that can be distinguished from their color aura:

  • Red — Higher damage output
  • Green — Higher speed
  • Blue — Higher health
  • Invisible — Will periodically go invisible. They don't actually have an aura. Effects, like the fire in the hand of Armor before it shoots, are still visible.


Guardians are special boss enemies that are much stronger than minions. They only spawn at boss rooms. A portal key is needed before a guardian can be summoned. After defeating it, a portal appears which, when entered, completes the current level.

Guardians often look like their weaker counterparts, like Sir Arthur or Queen Amanda. A guardian will also summon minions during a fight.

Each boss room is unique, so guardians may be identified by their room prior to summoning.

Floor 1 (Halls of Despair)[]

King Blob Sir Arthur Gunkarr the Crusher

Floor 2 (The Quarry)[]

Queen Amanda Poloko Audrey

Floor 3 (Cursed Cathedral)[]

Adam Regulus Percival

Floor 4 (Cursed Cathedral)[]

Ignus the Firemonger Bastian Brunilda

Floor 5 (Augur Fortress)[]

Examiner Cepheus