Appearance and Behavior Edit


Carrots are the weakest minions in-game. They are basically mutated garden carrots, which came to life and want to carve out your eyeballs (as mentioned in one of the scrolls in the game). They run quite fast.

They can be summoned by Shamans (in groups of 3) and Poloko (about 5-8), and by the "Carrot Rain" room modifier (one per enemy).

Attacks Edit

Carrots charge directly at the player dealing minor melee damage. They most commonly appear in swarms, so if one randomly spawns in a room, prepare for a horde of them to appear right next to you.

Hints Edit

They can be trained, meaning if you run in big circles in the room avoiding them, they will start to line up behind you, making it easy to take all of them out at once with explosive weapons.

Since they have the lowest health out of all enemies, you can take them out quite easily before they even get the chance to swarm around you, but some rooms are big enough to hide one or two Shamans, and if you don't notice them quick enough you will see yourself quickly surrounded by them.

They are basically just there to annoy you and slow you down, so don't get distracted by them and run into your own doom. Destroy their source, then kill them.

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