Ziggurat Wiki

Bosses are monsters which protect the portals to the next floor of each dungeon. They have no elemental weakness.

List of bosses[]

Name Health Lore
Urguth the Wise
4000 Urguth has dedicated his life to master the art of ice magic, leaving aside more typical hobbies of ogres such as smashing skulls.

Because of this, other members of the tribe don't like him very much, and they never invite him to parties.

Dugroth the Forger
4000 Famous for personally forging his minions' weapons, Dugroth is a master of fire spells and a dangerous for in close quarters.
Brulak the Sick
4000 Brulak fell in a poison pot when he was little, obtaining immunity for life and losing his sanity in the process.

He likes to experiment with his victims, but to be honest the scientific community is very disappointed with his lack of results.

Black Mask
4000 Anonymous Goblin by day, fearless vigilante by night.

After witnessing the extermination of many of its peers by hands of evil wizards with a thirst for power, this unstable character has sworn to protect the weaker ones, making use of its ingenuity to create unpredictable weapons of death.

Knorgh the Savage
4000 Knorgh was born with the Chieftain Mark, a signal that promises a life full of victories and glory.

His violent temperament and homicidal tendencies, unable to tell apart friend or foe, have been the only things blocking his ascension through the Clans hierarchy.

4000 A long time ago, Raziel was betrayed y his former partners, and forced to use the ultimate escape: A concotion of death & resurrection.

Since the, he's dedicated his unlife to steal from the rich and give to himself. Not that he really needs material riches, but it's the only thing that makes him feel alive.

Sitra the Immortal
4000 Sitra was offered in Sacrifice to the Elder Gods, but she wasn't deemed worthy, and was sent back to the world of the living.

But she wasn't the same, and her hunger for humans souls is something out of this world.

Ursula the Sinister
4000 Impious rituals deprived Ursula of her sight, but greatly boosted her dark powers.

After centuries of reclusion in the Ziggurat, her soul has an insatiable thirst of revenge against their captors.

Kassia the Enlighted
4000 Kassia was the defender of an old castle which held countless secrets. When she failed in her task and the secrets were no more, she found herself without a home and without a job.

She had no choice but to commit little felonies just to survive, but she quickly grew a liking to it and decided to spread evil as her full time job.

Agatha the Deceitful
4000 Worshipped and feared in equal parts, Agatha has made good use of her cunning, charm, and of course powerful magic, to fool many rulers and strip them of their riches
King Blob III
4000 Coming from a long Lineage of kings, Blob III is very popular among its subjects.

Following its father's tragic accident, prostrating it in bed since then, and unable to keep with the crown's obligations, forced Blob to take the crown sooner than expected. As a young king, Blob III pretends to expand its kingdom beyond the dungeons and conquer the outer world. And who knows, maybe it can, thanks to its strength and people skills...

4000 Ixora belongs to the most powerful lineage of Ifrits, and was revered as a Godess by her human worshippers.

A couple centuries ago, a scheme plotted by one of her brothers sunk her reputation, and forced her to hide in remote dungeons, where she waits for her chance to recover her lost glory.

4000 One of the three survivors of the first generation of Frost Giants, Onos is almost as old as the world itself, and his wisdom has no equal among the mortal beings.

Unfortunately, after all these centuries, he's become a grouchy old giant, and few can withstand his nonsense for more than 5 minutes.

4000 Previously a normal human being, Maui plotted a series of schemes and ruses to look as a hero and govern over mankind.

When his trickery was uncovered, Maui was banished and cursed, becoming a stone aberration. he curse froze his face in an unsettling grin for all eternity.

4000 Named by its creator, the mighty Rasputin, Pebble is a loyal Golem that bravely protected its master in a thousand battles.

However, Rasputin passed away some time ago, and Pebble now wanders around the world, confused, angry and lost.

5000 A hideous creature able to break through the hardest rock, and lash its prey with countless tails.

A proper study of the creature hasn't been possible yet, as it quickly decomposes once dead, and nobody in his sane mind would dare to try capturing a living specimen.

Grim Reaper
4000 The Reaper is an otherworldly being that usually doesn't care of what’s going on in the material plane. However, in rare cases, it will possess an unfortunate soul and carry out its dark plans.

These actions usually end up in wars, plague or natural disasters, and a big harvest of souls to feed from.

Madroot Mandrake
3000 During the brew of a hair recovery potion, something went wrong and this mandrake came to life, escaping along with the cauldron.

It’s not an especially evil creature, but its childish tricks have ended the life of many wizards seeking to obtain an impressive mane.

Examiner Auriga
4000 Mentor of Examiner Cepheus, Auriga was exited from the Brotherhood a long time ago, charged with trying to control the creatures in the Ziggurat to create an army and take control of the order.

With no news from him for years, he was presumed dead, but now he’s come back to test the Brotherhood's defenses and take charge if possible.

Examiner Draco
4000 One of the most savage and powerful Executioners of the Brotherhood of Daedolon, Draco killed so many apprentices in the Trial that the elders were forced to relieve him from the position.

Believed dead during the civil war, looks like those news were greatly exaggerated...

4000 Created by an unknown mage, disabled and forgotten for centuries.

The recent surge of magical energy has awoken this ancient construct, whose confusing directives tell it to destroy everything in its path.

5000 Former feeder of the Brotherhood of Daedolon. Ukyon lost his sanity during the War Between Brothers.

Since then, he's been scheming a plan to eradicate all magic from the world, and certainly he has the power to make it happen.