Ziggurat Wiki

Ammulets provide an additional skill.

Some amulets have a limited number of activations per floor, which will recharge a bit when delving into the next floor while others will have a cooldown timer that must expire before the skill can be used again.

List of amulets[]

Name Ability Charges Recharge per floor Cooldown Passive Special
Falcon Wings z2.png
Falcon Wings
+30% Speed for 5 seconds Unlimited 25 +5% chance to Ignore wounds +20% effect duration
Mana Stone z2.png
Mana Stone
Recovers 50% of your Mana when activated. 3 1 5 -5% Mana usage +10% Mana recovered
Red Crystal z2.png
Red Crystal
Recovers 25% of your Health when used 3 1 5 +5% Health restored from potions +5% Health recovered
Amazon Amulet z2.png
Amazon Amulet
Powers up your Staff for 6 seconds, with no Mana usage Unlimited 30 +10% Staff Mana from crystals +8% Staff Fire Rate while active
Celestial Horn z2.png
Celestial Horn
Armor: -50% incoming damage and +25% Damage for 6 seconds Unlimited 30 Health recovery from Experience crystals +17% effect duration
Asiro's Shield z2.png
Asiro's Shield
Drops a shield in front of you that protects against 100 points of damage and lasts for 10 seconds Unlimited 30 +2 Shield points The shield has twice the health
Sage Amulet z2.png
Sage Amulet
Powers up your Spells for 7.5 seconds, with no Mana usage Unlimited 30 +10% Spell Mana from crystals +8% Spell Damage while active
The Eye of Midas z2.png
The Eye of Midas
Powers up your Alchemy weapon for 7.5 seconds, with no Mana usage Unlimited 30 +10% Alchemy Mana from crystals +5% Fire rate and Damage while active
Unstable Gizmo z2.png
Unstable Gizmo
Stuns all enemies in combat Unlimited 35 +10% Lightning Damage +1 Mana for every stunned enemy
Lava Stone z2.png
Lava Stone
Fires a number of homing Fire crystals Unlimited 20 +10% Fire Fire rate More crystals fired
Seal of Destiny z2.png
Seal of Destiny
Grants Invulnerability for 10 seconds 3 1 15 Armor: -5% Incoming damage Effect now lasts 15 seconds
Dragon's Breath z2.png
Dragon's Breath
Shoots a Fire projectile that pierces and burns enemies Unlimited 30 Armor: -8% incoming Fire damage Flare: +20% Damage
Amulet of Infinity z2.png
Amulet of Infinity
Unlimited Mana for 5 seconds Unlimited 30 +5% Fire rate Mana Wave now lasts 6 seconds
Thieves' Badge z2.png
Thieves' Badge
Powers up your Wand, and adds Health and Mana steal for 10 seconds 3 1 10 +5% movement Speed +20% Health & Mana recovered
Frozen Shard z2.png
Frozen Shard
Freezes all enemies in combat Unlimited 35 Increased duration of enemy Frozen status by +10% Applied Freeze lasts +20% longer
Gilded Artifact z2.png
Gilded Artifact
Drops an artifact that increases Damage dealt by 50% while close to it Unlimited 30 +5% Damage dealt Increased artifact range and duration
Scarab of Imhotep z2.png
Scarab of Imhotep
Drops an artifact that recovers your Health while you're in range 3 1 10 5% more Health recovered from potions Increased duration and range
Chaos Device z2.png
Chaos Device
Applies random Status effects to all minions Unlimited 35 Increased movement Speed Applied status effects last 25% longer
Zolos Medallion z2.png
Zolos Medallion
Drops an artifact that Damages and Freezes enemies in range while active Unlimited 30 Armor: -8% Incoming Ice damage Longer range
Void Rings z2.png
Void Rings
Summons rings that will shoot nearby enemies for a while Unlimited 30 +8% Basic Damage dealt The summoned rings last longer
Belladonna z2.png
Creates an aura that Poisons enemies in it for a while Unlimited 25 +10% Poison Damage dealt The aura lasts longer
Voodoo Doll z2.png
Voodoo Doll
Throw magic pellets that Damage and Curse their targets Unlimited 20 +10% Damage dealt to Cursed enemies An additional projectile is fired
Windgale Helix z2.png
Windgale Helix
Attracts nearby enemies for a while, explodes when finished Unlimited 30 +20% Drop pick up range +20% Damage dealt when the effect is over
Mana Petals z2.png
Mana Petals
Shoots 6 homing pellets of different nature Unlimited 20 +5% Mana from crystals increased pellet Damage