Overview Edit

Where as the other floor three bosses can be easily kited, Adam is a bit trickier. His high spawn count, claustrophobic room, and large area of effect splashes make him one of the harder bosses. With proper gear he can be rushed down, otherwise prepare for a drawn out fight between him and his spawns.

Room IdentificationEdit

Adam's room features a summoning block on a raised platform (with stairs), and 4 large pillars near the corners. On normal mode he is a floor 3 specific boss.

Attack Pattern Edit

Adam's primary dps comes from the sheer amount of minions he can summon. In his spawn animation, which can be recognized when he stops and raises his hand to point, either 3-4 lava golems will spawn or a single pair of ice golems.

He also uses two other direct attack moves. One is a short frame animation where he releases a ball of lava from his gut. The ball tracks you in your current trajectory, similar to kobold shots. When it lands it deals area of effect damage. Just like the final boss in normal mode, he also has an ability to set the ground around you on fire. This animation is long and requires him to channel it standing still.

Strategy Edit

First and foremost to deal with are his spawns. Try to prioritize lava golems over the ice golems. The reason for this is the freshly spawned ice golems will count as a cap to his spawn limit, but the lava golems spawned by killing those golems will not count towards the cap. By killing lava golems you aim to more effectively diminish the total amount of spawns he could otherwise throw at you. Especially with faster characters like harlequin and acrobat, it is very easy to flat out avoid the ice golems. Use the elevation and the pillars of the room to dodge there flak shots and they will be a non issue. Adam's AI will also follow you though the room, so simply lead him away from the ranged ones.

To dodge his lava ball, simply change directions. When you see the ball in the air is the time to actually change, doing it mid animation will simply track it on to you for your current trajectory. His boiled earth ability can be easily dodged by sprinting away, as there is a short wind up time and visual indicator of where the damage-over-time areas will be.

In terms of offense, rushing him is fairly effective. A tiger amulet paired with a high dps weapon such as the eye of twlight or even any staff with an amazon amulet can melt through over one half of his hp. Simply maintain a small buffer, watch his animations, and kill off any lava golems he spawns.

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