Ziggurat Wiki

The following is a list of achievements for the game Ziggurat. There are 38 available achievements.

Icon Name Description
Practical Lessons.png Practical Lessons Get your first level up
Applied Student.png Applied Student Reach experience level 5
First of the Class.png First of the Class Reach experience level 10
Honoris Causa.png Honoris Causa Reach experience level 15
Elementary.png Elementary You reached 3rd floor. Now the real lesson begins.
Master of Magic.png Master of Magic Equip a weapon of every kind at once.

(wand, spell, stave, and alchemical weapon)

One Trick Pony.png One Trick Pony Master a perk by getting it to level 5
So Shiny!.png So Shiny! Find your first amulet
A Walk in the Park.png A Walk in the Park Complete a challenge room
Brother of Daedolon.png Brother of Daedolon Survive the Ziggurat

(beat the game once with any ending)

Smoke & Mirrors.png Smoke & Mirrors Unlock all magic weapons
Jack of All Trades.png Jack of All Trades Unlock all perks
Alumni.png Alumni Unlock all character classes
My Precious.png My Precious Unlock all weapons, perks, lore, and character classes
EruditeA.png Erudite Find all lore scrolls
I'm too Young to Die.png I'm too Young to Die Die 10 times
Not too Rough.png Not too Rough Die 25 times
Hurt me Plenty.png Hurt me Plenty Die 50 times
Mudblood.png Mudblood Get to floor 3 using magic wand only
Minions must Die.png Minions must Die Kill 1,000 enemies
Ultraviolence.png Ultraviolence Kill 5,000 enemies
Second to None.png Second to None Kill all enemies at least once (including bosses)
Hands Tied.png Hands Tied Win the game without using any level up
Easy Peasy.png Easy Peasy Reach floor 2 without taking damage
A Bull in a China Shop.png A Bull in a China Shop Break 2,000 breakable objects
Relieve the Pain.png Relieve the Pain Kill 500 enemies afflicted with an elemental status
Old Pupils reunion.png Old Pupils reunion Beat the game with every character (any difficulty)
Unstoppable.png Unstoppable Beat the game on Hard difficulty
Encyclopaedia.png Encyclopaedia Unlock all enemy entries in the beastiary
Head to Head.png Head to Head Kill a lost soul with the Skull of Xanatos spell
Jewelry Box.png Jewelry Box Unlock all amulets
Intensive Course.png Intensive Course Win the game with Argo on Normal difficulty within 45 minutes
Do You Want to Know More?.png Do You Want to Know More? Find a secret room
(Found by breaking suspicious cracked walls in rooms)
Ouch!.png Ouch! You died in a danger room
(Die in a room labeled with the red spikes icon)
It's a Trap!.png It's a Trap! You've been ambushed in a treasure room
So Close!.png So Close! You met your match in the final showdown
Karmic Justice.png Karmic Justice Die after killing the boss
Cheat like it's 1994.png Cheat like it's 1994 Find a super secret cheat code